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An Open Letter to You, Beautiful.

To the courageous one who thinks she’s a coward. To the important one who thinks she doesn’t matter. To the beloved who thinks she’s invisible.

Beautiful you. I wish you knew what you really look like when you smile. You. Who spend all your time staring into the confusion and the shadows, wondering where on earth the light is. You who believe there are only two kinds of people in the world- those who don’t care and those who care too much.

You. Beautiful, you. You who are loved by the only One in the universe who can truly satisfy.
I wanted to write you a letter and tell you that.

World changer you. I wanted to write you a letter to make sure you know just how much you matter to the universe. By the simple act of breathing you are proving that you’re beautiful. Beloved by an almighty God, you are so very valuable. You matter in a million and ten more ways than than you will ever know or see.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but who you do it for. You could do so many different beautiful things. Don’t let the world put you in a box. Focus on what you already have.  I look into the future and I see you blooming, if you would just stop trying to look just like the other flowers and let him water you the way he knows you need.

Stop trying to prove yourself. to yourself.

Consider the reality that though the earth shakes and and the sky falls, there is a force that remains the same. And that same force promises to use you, whether or not you consider yourself worthy to be used.

He doesn’t need you. Let that burden of performance off your back and let him carry you. I wish you could realize that obedience is more of a love thing than a plan to save the world.

All these addictions and all these idols. You know. Habits, public opinion, the things we believe about ourselves. I know they weigh you down. You put your identity in these things. Or you put your identity in the very fact that you don’t find your identity in them. It’s a weird world. A crazy place to see yourself as beautiful. We are creatures of change. But the force and source of our beauty stays the same.

Beautiful you. I get it. Anxiety. Depression. All the ordinary junk that comes with being human. But oh so beautiful you, I wish you could see your identity isn’t based on any of those things. The same one God who frees us from all forms of false worship is the force that frees us from the guilt that weighed us down in the first place.

Beloved, I’m praying you find a way to freedom- to let his love envelop you. Blind you like a waterfall. break you like a wrecking ball. Cloud your vision and wash your fears- drown them- in his unprecedented kind of grace.

World shaker, beloved, washed in the water beautiful you. If you only knew how loved you really are. I pray some day you’ll discover the depths of the love of our God. I know it will change you forever.

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Patience Pennington is a writer, lifestyle photographer, and filmmaker, doing life in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with her parents and six of her eight siblings. Authentic love is her ongoing mission. Airplanes and the open road are her two favorite places to be.

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