Welcome Home, Sis! Come On In & Stay for a While.


INKFULLY is an online storytelling community for women. We hope to inspire, encourage, and empower women through sharing our personal narratives and introspections. We are a collective of diverse voices: Different women, different seasons, different cultures who are making space to hear one another out, and be a safe place to wrestle with the beauties and the blows of life.


Our lives are written with ink. There are no backspaces, cancels, or delete buttons. Yet, beauty and redemption emerge when we embrace our ink-stained imperfections and share them openly with one another. This is where we find strength. This is how we overcome.


“The concept for INKFULLY came to me about 3 years ago. My husband and I had recently moved from Florida to Washington state. We were thousands of miles away from everyone we knew and loved, and for the first time in my life, I felt seriously alone. Suddenly, I found myself craving a place to belong. I would reminisce on those vulnerable moments I shared with my closest friends. We’d bare our hearts, laugh at inside jokes, talk about things that deeply matter, and banter about nothing at all. I missed that. Amiss in my personal life, I began to search for this place online. I would spend countless hours scrolling social media, attempting to find it, but the more I looked, the more I came up feeling empty. Night after night, I would fill tear-soaked pages, with thoughts of what this kind of community would look like. My burden grew heavier. Perhaps there were other women who needed this space just as much as I did. Women who were longing for depth, acceptance, and realness in a society that so blatantly rejects it.  Very soon the heart of Inkfully took shape. This has been a long journey, and often times a weary one, but I am compelled to keep going. Because deep down I know this is not just for me. Now more than ever, I so deeply believe there is a need for a raw, authentic, and empowering place for women online. So with a little grit, and a whole lotta grace, I will keep pushing until it exist.”



Authenticity & Vulnerability

We are real. We live in a society inundated by perfectionism. One that constantly pressures us to only show our “good side,” then crop & filter the rest. Yet inwardly, we still struggle with comparison, insecurity, fear, and rejection. Our hope is to create a safe place to remove the filters, and start discussing real issues. Because the truth is, when our masks come down, we boldly announce to a disheartened, perfection-driven society  “You are not alone. You are valued. We are in this together.”

Diversity & Acceptance

We are a collective of voices. Different women, seasons, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We want to tear down the silent walls that stand between us. Walls that subliminally say “If you don’t look like this, sounds like this, have this, or live here, you are not welcome here.” With walls removed, we hope to build a community that ventures outside of comfort circles and welcomes others to come as they are.

Affirmation & Identity

We are truth bearers. Words have such power. By words our identity is formed, and our beliefs are shaped. Sadly, many of the words spoken over ourselves and others have been lies. Without realizing it, these lies have settled in and made their homes in our thoughts, mind, and hearts,  slowly diminishing our self worth. We want to rebel against “the lies” by reminding women of who they really are.

Grace & Truth

We are risk takers. Jesus never played it safe. In his mission to love the unlovable, he was often misunderstood. Just like him, we are willing to surrender our reputation and simply commit to the process of loving people.  We believe in treating people like people, not projects. We want to listen to their stories and their struggles, blanket them with grace and affirm them with loving truth – instead of judgment. We intentionally, yet gently push down the barriers that keep women from feeling like they are not worthy enough for God’s love. 

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Inkfully is a blog & online community that aims to encourage and empower women through storytelling and relevant discussions. We are a collective of diverse voices who share one passion: to spread authentic content that boldly rejects “the lies” and reaffirms women in the truth.