Welcome Home, Sis! Come On In & Stay for a While.

I always wanted to be a choreographer.

Dreaming up a dance for you and me. But when you hold me close and move me across the dance floor, the steps are different- oh so different- yet far more beautiful then I ever could have dreamed.

From the outside, they all watch. They see me struggling and they want to say it’s your fault. They whisper to me that it would have been more beautiful if you would let me have my way. But somehow, even in the struggling, this dance you created for us tells a beautiful story.

You take me in your arms and you spin me around. You lift me up and you make me feel lighter than air. When I let you lead, our footsteps sing in harmony. Your strong arms hold me and make me graceful and alive.

Why did you ask me to dance? I was sitting all alone. Everyone knows I’m not good at this elusive art.

The Divine Choreographer, laying aside your glory.

You came and you danced with me.


And, why did I say yes?

I feel you moving me now and the music never stops. And it’s beautiful. But I’m so afraid sometimes. You throw me into the air and I’m flying, then somehow you catch me every time. Every time my heart shakes and in my heart I want to catch myself. I struggle and I spin. Yet there you are. Turning these graceless moves into a watercolor motion blur of beauty and redemption.

The tempo pulses. Feels too slow. You hold me so still and it seems like forever. But I hear your breathing warm on my face. Truth embodied in the silence. Filling my soul. And even the stillness is pure and sanctifying.

Saved from my own shoddy dance. Like a bird with a broken wing, but you hold me under your own feathers and keep me safe. And in my falling, your masterful skill is glorified. And even more in the way I move when I’m with you.

The song goes on and on. And the longer you hold me, the more joy fills my soul. And the more I fail the more I’m grateful that you asked me for this dance.

Grace at is greatest. Love at it’s fullest. Footsteps and fluid motions as you lead me through the ages. Never ending. Never tiring. Never separating. Thank you for asking me to dance.

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Patience Pennington is a writer, lifestyle photographer, and filmmaker, doing life in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with her parents and six of her eight siblings. Authentic love is her ongoing mission. Airplanes and the open road are her two favorite places to be.

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