Welcome Home, Sis! Come On In & Stay for a While.


To the heavens they stand.

With trust, she leans back to the one behind. Check.

Extends her hands to the one in front. Check.



Something feels uneasy.

Three beats a second…her heart gets speedy.

She looks quickly; Right to left. Left to right.

Resting, reassured.

All four walls still in sight.

So her heart returns to a steady pace.

A calming state.

Her fortress of safety.

She walks onward complacently.

Then, from seemingly nowhere a gentleman appears.

Yet, her glass guards keep him from drawing near.

He speaks, She listens…then quickly walks pass.

He whispers, “Love, your walls are made of glass.”



She reexamines her space.

Now questioning the confines of her secret place.

See in her glass walls of deception,

she only saw her reflection

Never taking a second

to see beyond her smidgens of imperfection.


So she grabs the Windex,

Tries to clean them perfect.

Can’t let him see yet,

her past; her regrets

Her tears; her secrets.

Yet, he looks past the stains on her glass pains

He sees what remains.

A girl whose soul has been changed

Whose light can’t be contained.


She surrenders it all.

Lets the glass fall.


By the piercing sounds

of the four fragile walls

where she was once bound.


For a moment I looks down.


By the shattered pieces of past pain.

In a statue like stillness I stands

He senses my vulnerability.

He extends his hand.

Yet even as I stand in sheer nudity

I grabs his hand, trustingly.

For he gazed into the soul of me.

Never once noticing

Those walls I thought molded me.


Written by

Tania is the founder and editor of Inkfully. She is a wife and stay at home mom of three beautiful children. Outside of these two awesome roles, there is nothing that brings her more joy than encouraging and reminding others that they aren't alone. Even if that means exposing her past, or making herself the expense of your good laugh. You can find her perusing playgrounds with her hubby & toddlers or writing in coffee shops around Seattle, WA.

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  • I don’t know if my life/marriage could have been captured in any more SIMPLICITY than here. It is almost as if this was written specifically about my story. It wasn’t until I realized this was me that my marriage could become a safe place and we could truly grow together.

    • inkfully

      So glad this resonated with you Princess!! It’s amazing how connected our stories can be when we start to share them!

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