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When You Feel Like Quitting On Your Dream…

Dear Dreamchaser, this is for those days where you ask yourself…
“Why the hell am I even doing this?

“Why am I investing so much of my time, energy, and resources into this dream?
Don’t I have enough going on? The sacrifice, the sleepless nights, the feeling unqualified and unequipped, the years spent waiting and wandering, the anxiety, the vulnerability, the facing rejection, the pushing past fear… Why?”

Many nights, when the walls are silent, you stay awake.

Locked in a quiet space, or wherever space allows, and you dream until the sunrises, and a new day cries out. Your morning begins, and the night has yet to end.

Look around you; dozens of sticky pads adorn walls and tables.

Notebooks and loose papers in every nook and cranny – all chicken-scratched full of your vision.
On these pages, with pen and ink, you dream. With fingers swift like feet, you plan out every minuet detail running to and fro in frazzled thought…because if not written, surely those ideas will leave as soon as they come.

But why? Who does this to themselves? No one is making you right? Perhaps no one is even paying you (yet)…

Because you can’t not deny the undeniable call you feel.

You have begged at times, for the call to leave, but it won’t go away.
So when the tears are streaming, when every fatigued bone in your body is waving the white flag, yelling “ENOUGH OF THIS!”


Listen closely darling.
And you will hear it.
A still small voice will whisper:

“Be strong and courageous.
I have called you.
You are a publisher of peace.
You are a restorer of the breach.
I have equipped you.
You labor is not in vain.
Do not grow weary.
I have began a good work in you and will see it to completion.
Now rest.
Rest in me today.
Let go of all the trying, comparing, pushing, planning…
And REST.”

Today, let these words sink in deep.
Don’t runaway from your call…just rest in it.

Allow faith to overcome your fear.
Praise to relieve the pressure.
And rest to restore your fervor.

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Tania is the founder and editor of Inkfully. She is a wife and stay at home mom of three beautiful children. Outside of these two awesome roles, there is nothing that brings her more joy than encouraging and reminding others that they aren't alone. Even if that means exposing her past, or making herself the expense of your good laugh. You can find her perusing playgrounds with her hubby & toddlers or writing in coffee shops around Seattle, WA.

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  • I can so relate!!!

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  • I needed this reminder. I needed to rest in this confirmation.

    xx Michelle | mirothebrave.com

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