Welcome Home, Sis! Come On In & Stay for a While.


Have a seat, girl. There is space for you here.

Listen, please listen. You need to hear this.

I am tired, and deep down, I know you are too. I am tired of the social squares of perfection that leaves me feeling like a failure everywhere I scroll. I am tired of going to sleep wondering if every other woman has all it all together except me. I’m tired of holding up a mask to hide weary eyes.  Tired of reading the before & afters, and no one sharing the sh*t in between. I am tired of pinning perfectly packaged answers like:

“10 Steps to a more fulfilled life.

15 Foods you shouldn’t be eating.

20 Habits you need to break now…”

I’m. So. Tired.

There has to be another space. A space for women like us, who can’t read one more blog post from one more person telling us they know how to fix all our problems.

Well, THIS is your space, friend. Come sit with me on this couch. I will listen to your story, and tell you mine. Remove your bra and let the girls hang low. (Because that’s how you know your home 😉

I don’t have all the answers, and I know you don’t either. But here we are, you and I — To hear one another out, and be a safe place to wrestle with the beauties and the blows of life.

I am making space for you. To write your story and leave it right here.

Even if you have to do it with tear-filled eyes and trembling hands.

I want you to find refuge in removing guilt, finding grace, rebuking fear, and realizing you are not alone.

So welcome home sis, welcome home.
Wipe away the mask, take your bra off,
put your sweats on and come have a seat.

We wrestle. We curse. We cry. We laugh. We high five. We bear hug. We throw in the towel. We pick it back up. We have a plan. We change plans. We get all wrong. We get it right.

Whoever that person is hiding on the inside, I want to see her. You don’t have to have it all together here. You will talk, I will listen. We will “Oh no they didn’t...” We will “Yas, girl yas!”  We wrestle. We curse. We cry. We laugh. We high five. We bear hug. We throw in the towel. We pick it back up. We have a plan. We change plans. We get all wrong. We get it right.

We check our judgments at the front door and allow grace to enter in. God said His grace is enough. And we actually believe Him. So, we don’t beat ourselves up for falling short of perfection. We believe in prayer. We believe in the Word. And that those two things, married together are the most transformative healing remedies for a weary soul. But, you know what we also believe in. In being the kind of friend that just lets you get it out. All of it. The “sh*t’s”, the “damn’s”, the “What the hell’s”… and seeks to understand you, not to fix you. We believe in being that friend that makes you laugh until your face hurts. The one that will belt out Beyoncé and dance off-beat to Bruno with you until you feel better.


Together, we will learn to give ourselves permission to wrestle with our weaknesses and with things we don’t understand.

Then we arise. We exhale. And with cleared hearts and renewed resolve, we remind each other that life is still worth living, that there is Peace in the valley, and that we possess an unshakable inner strength to face tomorrow.

So are you ready sis, let’s take this journey together.

Come on in, and tell me your story. 

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  • Just reading this felt therapeutic. I have a feeling I’ll have a submission very soon!

  • <3 Everything!

  • Yes. True. I felt like I could have written it. A hundred times. Thanks for saying what’s inside so we can all commiserate. And feel less lonely.

  • Wow. So… beautiful. Makes me feel so safe already.

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