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Guidelines & Writing Tips

Take us on a journey.

We want more than a simple narrative, more than recounting of events; We want narratives that are rich with vulnerability and depth. Stories that are moving, compelling, yet honest. Stories that find the gentle balance of rawness and hope.


  1. Focused writing with a clear point of view.
  2. Stories from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives
  3. Diverse entries:  Poems, journal entries, introspective thoughts etc
  4. Vulnerability and honesty.
  5. Stories that inspire, encourage and empower women.



  1. Prescriptive or “How To.” Rather than giving advice, show how YOU tackled issues or over came them (using first person language.)
  2. Fiction. Changing names and details to protect privacy is okay, but the work submitted must reflect personal experience.
  3. Typos. Please read your work carefully and have others read it as well.


Sometimes we have so much to say and we aren’t quite sure just how to stay it.
Here are a few tips to help you in your writing process.

1. Take us to the “one moment.”

Focus on one particular part of your story you want to highlight, and help the audience to hear, see, and feel or in other words “experience” your words. Be descriptive, be authentic, and don’t be afraid to show vulnerability:
What did you feel in that moment?
What did you see?
What went through your mind during that moment?

2. Use 1st person language.

“I always thought…I never imagined.”

3. Ask yourself these questions:

Where and how does your story start?
What was the climactic moment?
What did you do following this moment?
What impact did it have on your life?
What have you taken away?
What are you still working through?
If someone is going through a similar situation, what you would tell them?
What do you wish someone would have told you?

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