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Submission FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of content do we feature?
    Topics include, but are not limited too:
    Marriage & Family
    Relationships & Dating
    Faith & Spirituality
    Passion & Purpose
    Identity & Value
    Social Issues & Current Events
  2. How would you describe your audience?
    All women are welcome to be a part of our community.We are a community that intentionally highlights diversity in ethnicity, culture, and seasons of life.We offer a welcoming space for both the Seeker and the Seasoned Believer and hope that women will feel welcomed and included regardless of where they are on the spiritual spectrum.
  3. Can submissions be previously published?
    Yes! We know schedules are full, and sometimes producing “hot off the press” content may not always be feasible. And we are ok with that. We simply want to share soul-nourishing content, whether it’s been shared before or not. Because someone else needs to hear it.
  4. What are the length requirements?
    While its not a strict requirement, we recommend submissions be between 200-1000 words.
  5. What tone, style, and mood are you looking for?
    Our number one focus is that we want you to remain true to your voice. However, please take some time and read a few of our published content, to get an idea of our style. (Ex: Here and here) We have also included a few writing tips in the following section below.
  6. What is your editing process?
    While we respect your work and will do our best to stay true to its origin, we edit stories and their titles for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. For example, this might mean your title will be changed or certain language will be modified or removed. If we feel we’ve made significant enough changes or altered your original tone, we’ll run it by you first. We never want to misrepresent your voice or message.
  7.  Can I link back to my own page, or any other pages?
    Yes. However, we ask that you limit linking to a bare minimum. We don’t want to come off as “linky” or “sales pitchy” in any way. Related sources and reference links are ok.  If you are linking to a related post on your personal site or other work, please be respectful about it. All links are subject to the reviewing & editing process prior to publishing.
  8. Do you do sponsorship/ endorsement post?
    No. not at this time. We want to remain true to our vision which is to create an unadulterated space that delivers quality, no hidden message content.
  9. Is it paid?
    Contributor submissions are voluntary and not paid at this time.
  10. Can I share on social media?
    Of course!Since we accept both original and previously published content, we kindly ask that when sharing your post, you link back to our site directly.


Hopefully, you find this FAQ Guide to be helpful!
If you have any more questions or comments,
please feel free to email us: Submissions@inkfully.com

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